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Holibops - The holiday sound box

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Holibops has revolutionised how I go on holidays...
I've been away 3 times this week!


I just turn up the heat, get my photos from last year's holiday and get out my Holibop. Suddenly I'm back in Spain arguing with my partner. 

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I love holidays but hate hassle... Holibops makes holidaying easy.


About Holibops

Holibops started as a lockdown project for two Irish friends, Arnie and Neil, to stay connected and break up the endless Zooms, but Holibops quickly evolved into a product and brand all about making people laugh whilst “solving” the holiday crisis!

For us, it has been a source of relief from the stresses and anxieties of the pandemic, and we hope it helps others to take a break from what seems like endless worry...and have a giggle.

Holibops are available online and in some stores. We also work with some companies and brands for corporate gifts.

Please get in touch here if you want to know more.